Scd Legal Bread

Thank you for this excel­lent reci­pe. It came out per­fect­ly. I added the reci­pe to my list of wee­kly acti­vi­ties :-). I got bread after 2 years 🙂 and the fee­ling could not be descri­bed. Thank you, God bless you, Gra­ci­as, all this. You hel­ped me (a mother who has been Paleo for a year) make the tran­si­ti­on much easier for my kids and hus­band. I recent­ly deci­ded that it just wasn‘t fair for me to be the careta­ker of this fami­ly and eat bet­ter than the ones I care for. My midd­le child has can­cer, I read too much to keep giving him pro­ces­sed foods, grains, sugar, etc. If he has to pass for (pos­si­b­ly) saving his life, the rest of the fami­ly must do the same. The first few weeks were dif­fi­cult, this reci­pe ope­ned up a who­le new field for us. EVER­YO­NE loves it, mys­elf inclu­ded, and I don‘t need it, I didn‘t miss bread at all, but now I‘m addic­ted to it.

If not, I am inde­scri­bab­ly gra­te­ful!!! Hel­lo, I also just made this bread on the let­ter last night. It loo­ked per­fect when it came out of the oven which fell in the midd­le 5 minu­tes later. I real­ly hope that a rea­son why this hap­pens to so many peop­le will be addres­sed. My sto­ve is only 3 years old and never has any pro­blems and I live in the Mid­west. What am I doing wrong? I‘ll always eat the bread, of cour­se, but I real­ly want to know what the pro­blems might be, why it falls. This bread is a life­li­ne and WON­DER­FUL! I did it 6 times in two mon­ths and used it for ever­ything rela­ted to bread. Inclu­ding bre­ak­fast on fami­ly holi­days. Thank you for being so crea­ti­ve!! Hi Dani­elle, I have made this bread several times and WE LOVE IT! So thank you very much! I‘m just won­de­ring – have you ever tried to free­ze it? I‘d love to make several loaves of bread at once, but I don‘t want to bother and ruin it in the freezer.

Plea­se let me know! I didn‘t turn the who­le loaf of bread into gar­lic bread, which meant I had lef­tovers. That‘s when I dis­co­ve­r­ed how good bread tas­ted. I slam­med a sli­ce into the toas­ter, it toas­ted too, just like regu­lar bread. Then I cove­r­ed it with but­ter and pea­nut but­ter. and OMG! It was deli­cious. This is the moment you‘ve all been wai­t­ing pati­ent­ly (and some less pati­ent­ly!). And becau­se I am my rea­ders, I ♥ give it to you a week ear­lier than expec­ted: bread without yeast, without dai­ry pro­ducts, without cere­als. It is moist on the insi­de with a light crust on the out­side, has an ama­zing tex­tu­re and tas­te when roas­ted, and can also be used direct­ly from the fri­dge with almond but­ter and jam. I can‘t thank you enough for that!! I am brand new to Paléo (only 1 week) and my cra­vings for bread were incredi­b­ly inten­se. This bread is deli­cious and so easy to make!! Next time I do, I might even cra­ve it and add cin­na­mon to the French toast dough! All right. The first time I did this it tur­ned out to be okay but not fan­tastic, I had spil­led egg yolks in my egg whites and they didn‘t get stiff and I had made my own cas­hew but­ter but it was too grai­ny. I enjoy­ed it any­way 😉 BUT.….……

Now I mana­ged to add coco­nut oil to my cas­hews while making the but­ter super smooth, my egg whites were whip­ped per­fect­ly and W‑O-W. Now this bread is FAN­TASTIC!!!! Soft, beau­ti­ful and high and tas­tes so good. It‘s good that I did it again!!! So thank you, it‘s going to be a gre­at wee­kend, haha. Hi, this reci­pe loo­ks deli­cious and I was loo­king for a gluten/dairy/yeast/egg free bread reci­pe. The only pro­blem is eggs, could you plea­se advi­se on what to replace eggs? Thank you very much:) Hel­lo! I just dis­co­ve­r­ed your site this morning and I‘m so exci­ted! My son has been on sick­le cell dise­a­se for almost a year becau­se of Crohn‘s dise­a­se. I do the diet with him to sup­port him. Just like it says in your mes­sa­ge. The bread was very intimi­da­ting and alt­hough I made good breads, it far sur­pas­ses them. Even though it‘s 9:41, I just baked gar­lic bread in the oven.

🙂 Thank you for sharing this reci­pe. I‘m so exci­ted to explo­re your web­site and try a lot more! Take care. Deli­cious! This bread has been a gre­at suc­cess so far. I‘m still wai­t­ing to see how it with­stands sunshi­ne but­ter and jel­ly sand­wi­ches, but fresh out of the oven, it tas­tes divi­ne. I used a dark bread pan but had no pro­blem bur­ning it. It always loo­ked like who­le grains, not white, but I don‘t mind.