Oncor Electric Service Requirements

GUI­DE­LINES FOR POOL, SPA AND HOT TUB The cost of the pool per­mit is based on the total value of the pro­ject. See Table of Licence Fees 1A. A. Buil­ding Codes and Instal­la­ti­on Requi­re­ments Adopted 1. 2015 22 AIR SER­VICE ACCESS­ORIES FIGU­RE 3‑B NOTES: 1. The cus­to­mer installs reco­very con­tai­ners strong enough to fix the company‘s ser­vice cash lad­der. 2. Screwed ser­vice is not allo­wed. 3.

Ser­vice mast sup­port ng ser­vice drop of at least 2 rigid steel pipes or 2 1/2 IMC wit­hout cou­pling abo­ve the top clamp of the pipe. MPE is not accep­ta­ble for tours of duty. 4. See Figu­re 3‑I, page 27 for 3‑wire del­ta ser­vices. 20 pro­ject buil­ders and deve­lo­pers can cont­act Oncor cus­to­mer ser­vice as fol­lows: When you call your uti­li­ty pro­vi­der (REP), you must pro­vi­de the fol­lo­wing infor­ma­ti­on to con­fi­gu­re the ser­vice: 12 mixed-use faci­li­ties for cus­to­mers The three-pha­se ser­vice for mixed-use faci­li­ties (e.g. resi­den­ti­al and com­mer­cial) is trea­ted as an ancil­la­ry ser­vice. The place of deli­very of the­se ser­vices is shown in Figu­re 5‑A, Ship­ping Loca­ti­on (POD) pages. The Customer‘s elec­tri­cal instal­la­ti­on shall be arran­ged in such a way that the loca­ti­on at the place of deli­very allows the Com­pa­ny to pro­vi­de a safe and relia­ble deli­very ser­vice, taking into account the loca­ti­on of the Company‘s exis­ting faci­li­ties and the design requi­red to con­nect the Customer‘s elec­tri­cal instal­la­ti­on to the Company‘s sys­tem. Any chan­ge from the Company‘s Desi­gna­ted Place of Deli­very (POD) is sub­ject to pay­ment by the Cli­ent on the basis of any addi­tio­nal cos­ts to reach the new point named Ease­ments, Rights of Way and Space Requi­re­ments The Cli­ent shall grant or gua­ran­tee to the Com­pa­ny, at the Client‘s expen­se, any right of way or ease­ment on land owned or con­trol­led by the Cli­ent, neces­sa­ry for the Com­pa­ny to install the requi­red deli­very sys­tem equip­ment sole­ly for the pur­po­se of pro­vi­ding elec­tri­cal power and ener­gy to the Com­pa­ny. Customer.

The Cus­to­mer shall pro­vi­de the Com­pa­ny free of char­ge with sui­ta­ble space on its pre­mi­ses for the instal­la­ti­on of a deli­very sys­tem neces­sa­ry for the sup­p­ly of elec­tri­cal ener­gy and ener­gy to the Cus­to­mer, as well as for the instal­la­ti­on of the Company‘s meter­ing equip­ment and meter. For stan­dards for appro­pria­te space requi­re­ments, cont­act the com­pa­ny. Com­pa­ny can inspect cus­to­mer-sup­pli­ed space befo­re instal­ling elec­tri­cal equip­ment loads grea­ter than 3000 amps Stan­dard deli­very ser­vice at 600 volts and below can be limi­t­ed to a 3000 amp load via a sin­gle customer‘s own ser­vice line. The avai­la­bi­li­ty of this ope­ra­ting vol­ta­ge of trans­for­mers moun­ted on wafers is very limi­t­ed. New or exis­ting cus­to­mers who add a load should check with the com­pa­ny for ser­vice avai­la­bi­li­ty at that vol­ta­ge from a pad­mount-moun­ted trans­for­mer. 10 19 ARTIC­LE 300 AIR SER­VICE Socié­té Géné­ra­le pro­vi­des, installs and main­ta­ins the ser­vice appro­ved by the Com­pa­ny up to the point of deli­very. The Cus­to­mer must pro­vi­de a point accep­ta­ble to the Com­pa­ny in order for the Drop Ser­vice to meet the requi­re­ments of all appli­ca­ble codes. Typi­cal per­ma­nent ser­vice inter­rup­ti­on See Figu­re 3‑A, Air Ser­vice Faci­li­ties page See Figu­re 3‑B, Maxi­mum Ser­vice Drop Length for Pri­va­te Ser­vices See Figu­re 3‑C, Air Ser­vice, Ser­vice Mast Page See Figu­re 3‑D, Air Ser­vice Page, Per­ma­nent Meter Tower See Figu­re 3‑E, Air ser­vice page, wall coun­ter See Figu­re 3‑F, Air ser­vice page, two or three secon­da­ry ser­vice out­lets See Figu­re 3‑G, Page Air Ser­vice, Four or more Secon­da­ry Ser­vice Coun­ters See Figu­re 3‑H, Air Ser­vice, Del­ta Three Wire Page See Figu­re 3‑I, page 8 Appro­pria­te space The requi­red amount of free space has been remo­ved to access, install, ope­ra­te, main­tain and replace the company‘s faci­li­ties. Cont­act the com­pa­ny for more details Retail Deli­very Ser­vice Rate The docu­ment sub­mit­ted and appro­ved by the PUC that the com­pa­ny pro­vi­des the deli­very ser­vice. It con­sists of fare plans, dri­vers, and ser­vice rules and regulations.