Novice Rules Usasf

USASF rules, divi­si­ons and cate­go­ries crea­te a safe, con­sis­tent and fair plat­form for ath­le­tes to cheer and dance at All Star events and exer­ci­s­es. Safe­ty, fol­lo­wed by skill pro­gres­si­on and fair play, is a top prio­ri­ty when estab­li­shing or adjus­ting rules or poli­ci­es. The USASF also estab­lishes best prac­ti­ce gui­de­lines in are­as of All Star that are not direct­ly rela­ted to safe­ty rules, but are important to the inte­gri­ty of the sport. The USASF is streng­thening its safe­ty rules and poli­ci­es by cer­ti­fy­ing coa­ches to ensu­re that cheer coa­ches are able to teach the advance­ment of appro­pria­te skills and cer­ti­fi­ca­ti­on of secu­ri­ty jud­ges, pro­vi­ding safe­ty jud­ges with the know­ledge and resour­ces to enforce safe­ty rules during com­pe­ti­ti­on. In Octo­ber 2021, the USASF announ­ced pro­po­sed rules for the 2022–23 sea­son and the rule chan­ge pro­cess. The pro­po­sed regu­la­ti­on out­lines various chan­ges for the 2022–23 sea­son, not the cur­rent 2021–22 sea­son. Chan­ges ran­ge from tumb­ling skills, buil­ding skills, age grid, cheer­lea­ding Worlds depart­ments and D1/D2 para­me­ters. Here is the USASF‘s pro­po­sal to chan­ge the public rules for the 2022–23 sea­son. Reason: Inter­na­tio­nal Open 6 Divi­si­on can have the exact same ros­t­er. The Seni­or Open 6 was crea­ted due to uncer­tain­ty about the direc­tion the IASF is taking in terms of ratings, rules, etc. As of Novem­ber 10, 2021, we are curr­ent­ly in the fifth stage of the rule chan­ge pro­cess. The sixth step, “Ask mem­bers for feed­back,” is as follows.

Calls have alre­a­dy been made to make the pro­cess more trans­pa­rent and the USASF is expec­ted to publish the results of the sur­vey to mem­bers. Ratio­na­le: The addi­tio­nal male ath­le­te pro­vi­des opti­ons for crea­ting stunt groups that can be com­ple­ted at a com­pe­ti­ti­ve level with more age-appro­pria­te ath­le­tes. It is neces­sa­ry to pilot older and sui­ta­ble pilots, and ano­ther male will help to do this. The avera­ge team of 24 peo­p­le will do 5 stunts, this would even­tual­ly put 1 man in each stunt group. This would also allow teams with stron­ger fema­le stunts to add men with eli­te rockers to help them in tumb­ling cate­go­ries. In the­se divi­si­ons, men are stron­gly pre­sen­ted, ano­ther male who can con­tri­bu­te to a cate­go­ry whe­re the team as a who­le is absent. The­re is such a jump of 5 to 12 men in the Grand Open Coed 6 and 5 to 16 men in Inter­na­tio­nal Lar­ge 6 & 7, so the smal­ler divi­si­ons will help one more man clo­se that gap. Pro­po­sed rule: Allow rewinds in Seni­or 6 with the same rest­ric­tions as in Inter­na­tio­nal 6. Cur­rent rule: No fall in direct com­bi­na­ti­on after roun­ding or roun­ded boun­ce allo­wed. Sug­gested rule: Allow for­ward or back­ward roll imme­dia­te­ly after a turn.

Partner/Group Stunts & Solo/Duo score­s­heets Cur­rent rule: Not allo­wed in seni­or divi­si­on, inter­na­tio­nal only 6. New this sea­son, the USASF has begun the pro­cess of the­se rule chan­ges, a wel­co­me moment of trans­pa­ren­cy. See below. Sug­gested rule: Add the front hand spring (front con­nec­tion ground skill, inclu­ding fly spring) to the front fascia. Expe­ri­en­ced jud­ges: If you are a retur­ning judge who wis­hes to renew your Uni­ver­si­ty Star Jud­ges mem­ber­ship and view the mem­ber­ship link out of 5. In July 2022, plea­se cont­act the Jud­ges‘ Ope­ra­ti­ons Spe­cia­list in your regi­on or Click here to visit the United Scoring Part­ners web­site for lists of results, hea­dings, equi­va­lent docu­ments and deduc­tion sys­tem. Reason: Level 4 can com­bi­ne boun­ding jumps, and then Level 6 can com­bi­ne limi­ta­ti­on skills with dou­ble twist. Adjus­t­ment Cur­rent rule: Tor­si­on must be imme­dia­te­ly pre­ce­ded by a turn, back­hand spring or front spring(s) The USASF age grid is cal­cu­la­ted by year of birth. The ICU and IASF age grids are cal­cu­la­ted based on the age of the year-end com­pe­ti­ti­on. Do they need to be coor­di­na­ted? Reason: The first level whe­re you can fall off a flip is flip/flip not a good progress.

Sug­gested rule: Remo­ve the limit in folds and lay­outs. Var­si­ty is proud to be a lea­der in the All-Star ran­kings with the Var­si­ty All Star points sys­tem. Our mis­si­on is to inspi­re teams to crea­te all-star rou­ti­nes that balan­ce dif­fi­cul­ty with tech­ni­que and per­for­mance, and to bring out the best in all our ath­le­tes. The Rating Com­mit­tee updates the scoring sys­tem annu­al­ly based on feed­back from coa­ches, jud­ges and indus­try leaders.