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To achie­ve our visi­on of equi­ta­ble access to jus­ti­ce for all, Bet Tzedek pro­vi­des per­son-cent­red legal ser­vices that inte­gra­te with social sup­port ser­vices, edu­ca­te com­mu­ni­ty mem­bers with a solid know­ledge of their legal rights, and use our collec­ti­ve voice to reform sys­tems. The NLS­LA works to expand access to health care and pro­vi­des sup­port to peop­le who are struggling to obtain coverage and resol­ve health plan issu­es. The orga­niz­a­ti­on also works with phy­si­ci­ans in com­mu­ni­ty cli­nics and hos­pi­tals to iden­ti­fy and resol­ve legal issu­es that impact indi­vi­du­al and com­mu­ni­ty health. The NLS­LA works to main­tain afford­a­ble housing and rent con­trol, pre­vent ille­gal evic­tions and fore­clo­sures, and com­bat discri­mi­na­ti­on in Sec­tion 8 and other government-sub­si­di­zed housing. Our lawy­ers offer a ran­ge of ser­vices, from advice and advice to indi­vi­du­al repre­sen­ta­ti­on and high­ly effec­ti­ve liti­ga­ti­on. Our lawy­ers and lawy­ers help indi­vi­du­als, from advice to full legal repre­sen­ta­ti­on. Bet Tzedek is a non-pro­fit law firm loca­ted in the heart of Los Ange­les. Our talen­ted, pas­sio­na­te, and dedi­ca­ted staff and vol­un­te­ers pro­vi­de free legal advice, out­re­ach, edu­ca­ti­on, and poli­ti­cal advo­cacy to indi­vi­du­als and fami­lies in Los Ange­les Coun­ty and bey­ond. We pro­vi­de edu­ca­ti­on and direct repre­sen­ta­ti­on on a ran­ge of legal issu­es. Every year, thousands of peop­le from all over Los Ange­les Coun­ty come to Levitt­Quinn to get the free, low-cost sli­ding legal ser­vices that only Levitt­Quinn offers. Our team of lawy­ers, para­le­gals, and trai­ned vol­un­te­ers impact thousands of lives in Los Ange­les Coun­ty each year. We pro­vi­de legal edu­ca­ti­on on rights and obli­ga­ti­ons, advice and gui­d­ance, pre­pa­ra­ti­on and filing of docu­ments, and repre­sen­ta­ti­on in court.

This year, we plan to pro­vi­de near­ly $2 mil­li­on in free, low-cost legal ser­vices to our fami­ly cli­ents and impact the lives of 2,819 child­ren in Los Ange­les Coun­ty. HISTO­RY OF SAMS Levitt­Quinn is com­mit­ted to hel­ping tho­se who have ser­ved by remo­ving the bar­ri­ers they face in acces­sing our ser­vices. Such a […] We pro­se­cu­te to bring about broad socie­tal chan­ge by repre­sen­ting ent­i­re cate­go­ries of cus­to­mers and indi­vi­du­al claims of grea­ter legal signi­fi­can­ce. The NLS­LA ope­ra­tes legal access self-help cen­ters in Los Ange­les Coun­ty courthouses, whe­re liti­gants in need of domestic vio­lence pro­tec­tion can resol­ve cus­to­dy dis­pu­tes, file for divor­ce and stop evic­tion, access legal advice, and refer legal ser­vices. We pro­vi­de free legal aid to resi­dents of Los Ange­les Coun­ty. Get legal help online, by pho­ne or in per­son. We offer a varie­ty of tools – from refe­rence mate­ri­als and self-help inst­ruc­tions to work­shops and legal cli­nics – that enab­le our com­mu­nities to pro­tect and pro­mo­te their own legal rights. Each year, Levitt­Quinn impacts the lives of thousands of fami­lies and their child­ren by pro­vi­ding legal assi­s­tance regar­ding adop­ti­on, child and spou­sal sup­port, cus­to­dy, visi­ta­ti­on, domestic vio­lence, and pater­ni­ty. The NLS­LA pro­vi­des free legal assi­s­tance to more than 100,000 indi­vi­du­als and fami­lies in Los Ange­les Coun­ty each year.

Our lawy­ers spe­cia­li­ze in are­as of law that dis­pro­por­tio­na­te­ly impact peop­le living in pover­ty, inclu­ding afford­a­ble housing and evic­tion, access to public ser­vices, sup­port for sur­vi­vors of domestic vio­lence and their child­ren, access to health and labor and con­su­mer rights, employ­ment and trai­ning. We work with com­mu­nities and cli­ents to crea­te a fai­rer socie­ty through legal advice, advo­cacy and civil rights liti­ga­ti­on. Low-inco­me com­mu­nities are always the har­dest hit by a dis­as­ter, whe­ther it‘s a devas­ta­ting wild­fire or a glo­bal health emer­gen­cy. The NLS­LA pro­vi­des dis­as­ter-rela­ted legal ser­vices that address issu­es rela­ted to FEMA, unem­ploy­ment and other essen­ti­al ser­vices, health insuran­ce, and housing issu­es. With the local know­ledge we gain by addres­sing our cli­ents‘ legal issu­es, we help deve­lop and imple­ment poli­ci­es that address key eco­no­mic and social struc­tu­ral injus­ti­ces at the regio­nal and sta­te levels. Our donors and vol­un­te­ers share LevittQuinn‘s visi­on of a com­mu­ni­ty whe­re ever­yo­ne, regard­less of inco­me, has access to legal ser­vices to resol­ve fami­ly dis­pu­tes. Pro bono lawy­ers and other vol­un­te­ers dedi­ca­ted more than 40,000 hours to Bet Tzedek in 2020 We rely on an excel­lent team of vol­un­te­ers, sup­por­ters and fund­ers to ensu­re access to jus­ti­ce for all Ange­le­nos. Join. Mea­ning­ful pro bono oppor­tu­nities to sus­tainab­ly impro­ve the lives of indi­vi­du­als and fami­lies in Los Ange­les. Public Coun­sel is plea­sed to announ­ce the win­ners of the 2021 Pro Bono Award for their tireless dedi­ca­ti­on to Public Council.

Public Coun­sel is plea­sed to announ­ce that Kathryn Eid­mann, Seni­or Coun­sel of Public Counsel‘s . Through a com­bi­na­ti­on of indi­vi­du­al advo­cacy, hard-hit­ting liti­ga­ti­on, and poli­ti­cal advo­cacy, the NLS­LA addres­ses the immedia­te and long-term effects of pover­ty and expands access to health, oppor­tu­ni­ty, and jus­ti­ce in Los Ange­les neigh­bor­hoods. Brea­king the P.O. cycle Box 811334Culver City, CA 90081Criminal, Divor­ce and Fami­ly Law After more than 20 years of prac­ti­ce in insol­ven­cy law, Mag­da­le­na Reyes Bor­deaux, Seni­or Super­vi­sor. Join our team and make a real impact on the lives of low-inco­me indi­vi­du­als and com­mu­nities in housing, health care and more. We are plea­sed to announ­ce that today, Agus­tin Abar­ca, a depor­ted U.S. Con­gress­man. Vete­ran, was final­ly. San­ta Moni­cans for Ten­ants‘ Rights (310) 394–08482633 Lin­coln Blvd #513Santa Moni­ca, CA 90405Properties SUSANA‘S STO­RY By most stan­dards, Susana‘s life see­med pret­ty typical.

Mar­ried for 20 years, she took care of her daugh­ter and her home […] Cli­ents hel­ped exer­cise their right to housing in 2021 Legis­la­ti­ve chan­ges that will impro­ve the eco­no­mic well-being of tens of thousands of Cali­for­ni­ans were co-fun­ded by Bet Tzedek last year. After going vir­tu­al in 2020, the Public Council‘s Wil­liam O. Dou­glas Awards Din­ner retur­ned last night. CHILD WEL­FA­RE Thir­te­en years ago, Jill* came to Levitt­Quinn for help with her divor­ce. His daugh­ter Abi­ga­il was only two years old […] Help the NLS­LA address the immedia­te and long-term effects of pover­ty and impro­ve access to health, oppor­tu­ni­ty, and equi­ty. For more than 50 years, the Public Coun­cil has been figh­t­ing for a more just and just life. An unwa­vering advo­ca­te for Los Ange­les Coun­ty indi­vi­du­als, fami­lies, and com­mu­nities Work with advo­ca­tes who rai­se awa­reness, assist in self-help cli­nics, and sup­port admi­nis­tra­ti­ve staff in our offices. Through a class action lawsu­it, a web­site was laun­ched to help severely dis­ab­led vete­rans. Join us for an after­noon of appe­ti­zers and refresh­ments to cele­bra­te our dedi­ca­ted sup­por­ters and the diver­se neigh­bour­hoods and com­mu­nities we ser­ve. Total finan­cial bene­fits to cus­to­mers in 2021.