Nin Registration Requirements

Note: You will need to regis­ter to recei­ve both the NIMC card and NIN. Howe­ver, the 11-digit Natio­nal Iden­ti­ty Num­ber (NIN) is not the same as the Natio­nal Elec­tro­nic Iden­ti­ty Card, which is a phy­si­cal token. The NIN can be used inde­pendent­ly for digi­tal iden­ti­ty veri­fi­ca­ti­on without an elec­tro­nic ID card. Without the­se requi­red NIN regis­tra­ti­on docu­ments, you would not be able to com­ple­te your regis­tra­ti­on. While you can app­ly for your NIN regis­tra­ti­on online, it‘s more of a pre-regis­tra­ti­on than an actu­al one. You must app­ly on the NIMC Pre-Regis­tra­ti­on Por­tal and fol­low the inst­ruc­tions to app­ly for your NIN. You can also visit the pre-regis­tra­ti­on por­tal direct­ly here. In addi­ti­on, all minor app­li­cants must bring a valid birth cer­ti­fi­ca­te and a NIN rece­i­pt from one of their legal guar­di­ans in order to com­ple­te the regis­tra­ti­on. If you want to start your sign-up pro­cess and want to know what rece­i­pts you can take with you, this blog post is for you. As long as you are a citi­zen or legal resi­dent of Nige­ria, it is very important to have a natio­nal iden­ti­fi­ca­ti­on number.

For this rea­son, you need to know how to app­ly for NIN regis­tra­ti­on online. With the steps out­lined abo­ve, you can easi­ly com­ple­te your pre-regis­tra­ti­on and regis­tra­ti­on to get your NIN in no time. The Natio­nal Iden­ti­fi­ca­ti­on Num­ber (NIN) is a uni­que 11-digit num­ber that uni­que­ly iden­ti­fies a citi­zen or legal resi­dent of Nige­ria. This sys­tem was set up to com­bat fraud in the coun­try, as the government requi­red ever­yo­ne to regis­ter with the Natio­nal Iden­ti­ty Data­ba­se (NIDB). After regis­tra­ti­on, a uni­que NIN num­ber is ran­dom­ly selec­ted and assi­gned to the per­son. To save yourself the hass­le of phy­si­cal regis­tra­ti­on, you can com­ple­te your NIN regis­tra­ti­on online, and this arti­cle would show you how to do it. Knowing how to app­ly for a NIN regis­tra­ti­on online is the easiest way to do this. The Natio­nal Iden­ti­fi­ca­ti­on Num­ber (NIN) con­sists of 11 unin­tel­li­gi­ble num­bers that are ran­dom­ly selec­ted and assi­gned to an indi­vi­du­al at the end of regis­tra­ti­on in the Natio­nal Iden­ti­ty Data­ba­se (NIDB). In the absence of unfo­re­se­en cir­cum­s­tan­ces, the natio­nal elec­tro­nic iden­ti­ty card will be issued to you wit­hin 12 mon­ths (1 year) of the issu­an­ce of the NIN rece­i­pt. Npower recruit­ment. The NIN is used to link all records about a per­son in the data­ba­se, and is also used to estab­lish or veri­fy their identity.

This is the regis­tra­ti­on of all Nige­ri­ans and legal resi­dents who meet the NIMC cri­te­ria bet­ween the ages of 0 and 15. The NIN is a set of 11 digits that are uni­que to an indi­vi­du­al and are used to link all of the individual‘s records in the Natio­nal Iden­ti­ty Data­ba­se (NDDB). This allows the government or an appro­ved orga­niz­a­ti­on to veri­fy that person‘s iden­ti­ty, and in the event of the person‘s death, their NIN will be remo­ved after a death cer­ti­fi­ca­te has been sub­mit­ted to the Natio­nal Iden­ti­ty Manage­ment Com­mis­si­on (NIMC). You can learn more about how to check N num­ber on MTN, Glo, Air­tel, 9mobile and online. All citi­zens and legal resi­dents of Nige­ria from the age of zero (birth) are eli­gi­ble to regis­ter for their NIN. The­re are desi­gna­ted cen­ters across the coun­try and abroad whe­re you can easi­ly work to regis­ter for NIN. To find NIMC Enroll­ment Cen­tres near you, visit the NIMC web­site and click on your sta­te or dia­spo­ra for a com­ple­te list of cen­tres on the site. The app­li­cant goes to a regis­tra­ti­on cent­re with sup­por­ting docu­ments and has ensu­red that he or she has not regis­tered in advan­ce. Sim­pli­fy-ID NIN Con­nec­tion The head office is con­ve­ni­en­t­ly loca­ted at No.

5 Good­wins Court, Lon­don WC2N 4LL, less than a 10-minu­te walk from the Nige­ri­an High Com­mis­si­on. Here are some of the pro­ce­du­res whe­re your NIN is nee­ded: Read also: How to reprint the NIN slip; How to check my NIMC data online The NIN regis­tra­ti­on is valid for all Nige­ri­ans and anyo­ne legal­ly living in Nige­ria over the age of 16. IMPORTANT: PLEA­SE CLICK HERE TO READ THE TERMS AND CON­DI­TI­ONS OF THE NIN SER­VICES Sim­pli­fy-ID is an iden­ti­ty veri­fi­ca­ti­on plat­form desi­gned and deve­lo­ped by Sim­pli­fy Inter­na­tio­nal Syn­er­gy Limi­ted. (“Sim­pli­fy­ing Syn­er­gy”). It is also an “enter and do it yourself” regis­tra­ti­on pro­cess whe­re an app­li­cant goes to a regis­tra­ti­on cent­re and com­ple­tes a (paper) app­li­ca­ti­on form. The com­ple­ted form is han­ded over to the admis­si­ons office, which in turn collects the applicant‘s bio­metric data and pro­ces­ses the data from the com­ple­ted regis­tra­ti­on form. Visit your nea­rest NIMC Regis­tra­ti­on Cent­re with one of the fol­lowing ori­gi­nal and valid rece­i­pts requi­red: PECK­HAM LOCA­TI­ON – 128 Peck­ham Hill Street. Lon­don SE15 5JT What does it take to cor­rect NIN‘s date of birth?. It is impe­ra­ti­ve that you app­ly through the NIMC Pre-Regis­tra­ti­on Por­tal and fol­low the pro­ce­du­re set out to app­ly for the Natio­nal Iden­ti­fi­ca­ti­on Num­ber. Com­ple­te the online pre-regis­tra­ti­on form, down­load and print the pre-regis­tra­ti­on form.

Requi­re­ments for NIN Regis­tra­ti­on in Nige­ria — Do you want to open a new bank account? Want to sign up for Jamb or Waec? Have you recent­ly bought a car and need to regis­ter your driver‘s licen­se? If you ans­we­red yes to any of the abo­ve ques­ti­ons, you will need to regis­ter for your Natio­nal Iden­ti­fi­ca­ti­on Num­ber (NIN) at a Nige­ri­an Iden­ti­fi­ca­ti­on Manage­ment Com­mis­si­on (NIMC) regis­tra­ti­on cent­re near you. For tho­se who have not yet regis­tered for the NIMC NIN, it is important to do so in order to meet the dead­line. NIN has an urgent need call me on Pls I want to regis­ter for nin online, how can I do it ABER­DEEN LOCA­TI­ON — Facey­outh Cent­re, Crai­gs­haw Road, West Tullos Indus­tri­al Esta­te, Aber­deen. AB12 3AP I want to regis­ter online for my NIN. Is that pos­si­ble? If yes, plea­se send me the link to regis­ter. Now that you know how to suc­cess­ful­ly app­ly for NIN, read the fol­lowing tit­le. All the best to learn more about the requi­re­ments for chan­ging NIN and requi­re­ments for chan­ging NIN name. Fol­low the­se pro­ces­ses to sign up for your NIN: I have regis­tered the NIN sin­ce 1/9/2021 But still retrie­ve my num­ber after two weeks, the IPE com­pu­ter does not cla­ri­fy the mea­ning and my NIN was in urgent need of updating my ser­vice record, pls help me NIN regis­tra­ti­on con­sists of record­ing the demo­gra­phic data of an indi­vi­du­al and taking the ten (10) fin­ger­prints, Head to shoul­der facial image and digi­tal signa­tu­re, all of which are used to veri­fy exis­ting data in the natio­nal iden­ti­ty data­ba­se to con­firm that the same data is not pre-cap­tu­red. Read also: How to find the DCI num­ber on the ID card How to veri­fy and obtain your Natio­nal Iden­ti­ty Num­ber (NIN) on mobi­le pho­ne The app­li­cant con­ta­cts the regis­tra­ti­on agent, who will take the com­ple­ted form and enter the details in the regis­tra­ti­on application.

You should visit each NIMC repo­si­to­ry with the fol­lowing docu­ments and infor­ma­ti­on: NIMC deals with data har­mo­niz­a­ti­on and inte­gra­ti­on with various aut­ho­ri­ties across Nige­ria dealing with the various ser­vices men­tio­ned abo­ve to ensu­re smooth coor­di­na­ti­on of acti­vi­ties. Note: Parents/guardians who can­not read or wri­te must bring ano­t­her per­son with them who can com­ple­te the form on their behalf. I don‘t have a NIN, I don‘t know how to regis­ter on the pho­ne. Are you inte­res­ted in regis­tering for the Natio­nal Iden­ti­fi­ca­ti­on Num­ber (NIN) Are you loo­king for the requi­re­ments for NIN regis­tra­ti­on 2022/2023? or list of docu­ments requi­red for NIN enroll­ment for stu­dents, Nige­ri­an citi­zens abroad, JAM­BI­TES and WAEC app­li­cants, requi­re­ments for NIN chan­ges and requi­re­ments for NIN name chan­ges, etc,?.