Monster Legal Definition

An ani­mal that has a con­for­ma­ti­on con­tra­ry to the order of natu­re. A mons­ter, alt­hough born to a woman in a legal mar­ria­ge, can­not inherit. Howe­ver, tho­se who have the essen­ti­al parts of the human form and have only a lack of cofor­ma­ti­on are able to inherit if they are other­wi­se qua­li­fied. No living human birth, no mat­ter how dif­fe­rent from the human form, can be legi­ti­mate­ly des­troy­ed. Two arti­cles appeared in the Cor­val­lis Gazet­te-Times just befo­re the embas­sy church was atta­cked by tanks, an armo­red per­son­nel car­ri­er, men car­ry­ing machi­ne guns in black jackets, 22 poli­ce cars and the infa­mous “Wine­ry Tours” bus. They stand in stark con­trast to the true natu­re of this evol­ving amo­ral modern socie­ty and the media that sup­port it. The Hea­ven­ly Church Mes­sa­ge arti­cle was full of half-truths and lies pre­sen­ted by media out­lets run by peop­le who are decei­ved or choo­se to decei­ve. The second arti­cle was about a man who mar­ried a woman. Not so weird, except he was wea­ring the wed­ding suit [pho­to showing him try­ing it on for his husband‘s coun­ter­part in his kit­chen]. She was wea­ring the tuxe­do. He was wai­t­ing for her sex chan­ge. I‘m sure the “cou­p­le” men­tio­ned in the arti­cle was legal­ly con­sti­tu­ted while the church was torn apart. The church was inju­red, bad­ly dama­ged and its inha­bi­tants were mistreated.

Due pro­cess has been vio­la­ted, lies have been told, and now frau­du­lent reports have been crea­ted to cover up the gla­ring errors and gross negli­gence of the inves­ti­ga­tors respon­si­ble. All files were sea­led by the coun­ty, lea­ving sena­tors and inves­ti­ga­tors unab­le to unco­ver records of coun­ty and federal cri­mes. My wife read this arti­cle by Ran­dy Lee the same day we noti­ced the black sign on the open ref­ri­gera­tor door in the couple‘s kit­chen that says “PEOP­LE.” An ama­zing birth; A human birth or off­spring that does not take the form of huma­ni­ty, that can­not be the heir of a coun­try, even if it is pro­du­ced in mar­ria­ge. Cra­zy cover sheet. 5; Co. Litt. 7, 8; 2 Bl. Comm. 246.

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