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Most Cana­di­an pro­vin­ces do not have pro­vin­cial laws pro­hi­bi­t­ing the use of electric skate­boards on side­walks, but the­re may well be a muni­ci­pal ordi­nan­ce that com­ple­te­ly pro­hi­bits their use. To add to the con­fu­si­on, the law is not con­sist­ent­ly enfor­ced in many pla­ces whe­re electric skate­boards are ille­gal. You may think it‘s okay to dri­ve clo­se to home becau­se you‘ve been doing it for mon­ths and haven‘t had any pro­blems, but that doesn‘t mean it‘s legal. Often, the poli­ce do not reco­gni­ze elec­tro­nic boards for what they are, and tho­se who do may not rea­li­ze they are ille­gal. In this case, ever­ything will be fine until you pass in front of an offi­cial who knows that he is and knows his legal sta­tus. The Law on Elec­tro­nic Tables is con­fu­sing. This is main­ly becau­se the law in ques­ti­on is the High­way Act of 1835 and it expli­ci­tly desi­gna­tes hor­ses, don­keys, sheep, mules and pigs as pro­hi­bi­ted on wal­king trails and dams. It also pro­hi­bits the use of cars on wal­king trails. They seem to inter­pret the “cart” in the modern world to inclu­de electric skate­boards as well as Seg­ways and hover­boards. Due to the High­way Act of 1835, the Electric Skate­board Act had long been in a grey area. The law defi­nes trans­por­ta­ti­on in a fair­ly broad sen­se in which you can­not dri­ve on a foot­path; That‘s why you can‘t use electric skate­boards or bicy­cles on the trails. Cali­for­nia, Flo­ri­da, and Texas are the sta­tes with the most online sear­ches for electric skate­board laws, so I‘m not going to get into sta­te laws any­mo­re here. Just be awa­re that most other regi­ons seem to fol­low in the foots­teps of Texas and Cali­for­nia, with simi­lar regu­la­ti­ons, or that they look like Flo­ri­da and clas­si­fy elec­tro­nic boards as motor vehi­cles, but have no way to record them.

Make sure you know your local laws and check out the forums on Red­dit and eSk8 Buil­der to see what other peop­le in your area have to say about how the laws are enfor­ced. Accord­ing to the­se regu­la­ti­ons in Texas, an electric skate­board can only be used on a road or high­way whe­re the speed limit is 35 mph or less. You can cross a road at an inter­sec­tion that has a hig­her speed limit, but don‘t go down it. The­re is some con­fu­si­on among the public as to whe­ther electric skate­boards are regu­la­ted like hover­boards or bund­led with electric bikes that are legal. Howe­ver, it is clear from the legal defi­ni­ti­on of electric bikes that an electric skate­board is dif­fe­rent. In the UK, an electric bike by defi­ni­ti­on has pedals. A skate­board has no pedals and is the­re­fo­re not an electric bike. Electric skate­boards are regu­la­ted in the same way as hover­boards and Segways.

That is, they are ille­gal­ly on public pro­per­ty in the UK. Accord­ing to Bri­tish legis­la­ti­on, an electric skate­board falls into the cate­go­ry of electric scoo­ters, making it a moto­ri­zed trans­port. Howe­ver, the­re is no tax on electric skate­boar­ding. Sin­ce it is a motor vehi­cle, it may also requi­re insuran­ce, licen­sing and regis­tra­ti­on. Electric skate­boards are legal in the Czech Repu­blic (Czech Repu­blic). From a legal point of view, the dri­ver is con­si­de­red a pede­stri­an and should use a side­walk if it is avail­ab­le. But it is true that Seg­ways are ban­ned in Pra­gue. 🇫🇷Fran­ceYes yes! It is pos­si­ble to go electric skate­boar­ding in Fran­ce. It is now legal on roads whe­re the speed limit is less than or equal to 50 km/h, as is the case with most roads in any city, but not on roads in the coun­try­si­de. It‘s legal on bike paths and even on the side­walk at redu­ced speed (6 km/h), but it depends on the laws of the city! The maxi­mum speed of the electric skate­board should not exceed 25 km / h (15 mph), which makes almost all boards ille­gal. It must have lights and reflec­tors to be visi­ble at all times. And you should have a bell to warn people.

🇮🇹Ita­ly­Yes. Bon­jor­no, Ita­ly, has lega­li­zed electric skate­boards. Each city can set its own rules. Aut­ho­ri­zed to ope­ra­te in urban are­as, befo­re muni­ci­pal con­sul­ta­ti­ons, in pede­stri­an are­as, on wal­king and bicy­cle paths, in bicy­cle paths and reser­ved lanes, in zones and on roads with a speed limit of 30 km /. Hel­lo. Por­tu­gue­se here. Com­ple­te­ly “legal” in Por­tu­gal. The poli­ce don‘t care and when they do, they think it‘s real­ly cool.

In Lis­bon, they only stop­ped becau­se her child wan­ted one. In Por­to, they stop­ped me just out of curio­si­ty and to try it. As long as you don‘t act like an ass­ho­le, you‘re good to go. The Nether­lands is not working on it. Unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly, it‘s ille­gal and it doesn‘t seem to chan­ge any­ti­me soon If you‘re dri­ving on a side­walk — which seems to be legal nati­on­wi­de — you should also keep yourself on the left side as much as pos­si­ble and make room for any pede­stri­an who isn‘t sit­ting on a recrea­tio­nal device with wheels. You must wear a hel­met whenever you use your e‑board on a street or in an area rela­ted to the street. In addi­ti­on, you are also respon­si­ble for paying for dama­ges to everyone‘s pro­per­ty as a result of your negli­gence during a crui­se on an electric skate­board. Howe­ver, com­pen­sa­ti­on depends on the cir­cum­s­tan­ces. In almost all coun­tries that have regu­la­ti­ons for electric skate­boards, local governments are allo­wed to add restric­tions to laws pas­sed by the sta­te, pro­vin­ce or natio­nal government. 🇸🇪Swe­de­nYes. The good news for Swe­des is that electric skate­boards have recent­ly been equa­ted with bicy­cles and have been given the same rights with cer­tain speed limits.

The maxi­mum speed is 20 km / h with a maxi­mum power of 250W. If you have one that only works with the help of thrust, you can dri­ve 25 km / h. Ger­man laws for electric skate­boards arri­ve in 2018. The Ger­man approach to electric skate­boards. Usa Mil­wau­kee, Wis­con­sin Esk8 is only legal on roads, but cops don‘t play with you when you ride on side­walks or bike paths. Mil­wau­kee is a favor­able city for Esk8. The scoo­ters are the same. Howe­ver, it is still ille­gal to dri­ve a pri­va­te skate­board and electric scoo­ter on public roads, con­struc­tion sites and busy streets.

This means that you can only do electric skate­boar­ding on the grounds of your home. Con­ver­se­ly, if you inju­re yourself or inju­re yourself using the ren­tal electric scoo­ter in the test, it should be cove­r­ed by car insuran­ce. It is the owner‘s respon­si­bi­li­ty to imple­ment a poli­cy that covers the use of electric skate­boards. Is the­re any news about electric skate­boards in Switz­er­land? I saw that it was legal here, but the poli­ce sim­ply tur­ned me away. They took pic­tures and told me not to use it any­mo­re. It seems that most pro­vin­ces in Cana­da do not have spe­ci­fic regu­la­ti­ons for electric skate­boards. If you‘re worried about the lega­li­ty of dri­ving, it‘s a good idea to check local laws about hover­boards or solowheels. You and I know that the­se are very dif­fe­rent devices, but they are often grou­ped in pla­ces without spe­ci­fic regu­la­ti­ons on elec­tro­nic cards becau­se they work in the same way and are used for simi­lar pur­po­ses. In Cana­da, it‘s a safe bet that your electric skate­board is not con­si­de­red a motor vehi­cle, which makes it uninsura­ble and the­re­fo­re ille­gal for road traf­fic. Curious­ly, many pla­ces con­si­der them “moto­ri­zed vehi­cles,” which also makes them ille­gal for use on sidewalks.