Best Legal Thriller Books

Lisa Scot­to­li­ne is one of the most popu­lar legal thril­ler wri­ters today, and for good rea­son. His books are always cap­ti­vat­ing and fast-paced, with ple­nty of twists and turns to keep rea­ders on their toes. Mis­iden­ti­fi­ca­ti­on is no excep­ti­on. The novel has been descri­bed by David Bal­dac­ci as “A rat­chet sus­pen­se, dyna­mic cha­rac­ters and a mas­ter touch”. Scott Pratt‘s An Inno­cent Cli­ent is one of the best right-wing thril­lers on the mar­ket. The aut­hor is known for his exci­ting and action-packed wri­ting, and this book cer­tain­ly books on this front­li­ne. Acc­lai­med aut­hor Ala­fair Bur­ke said of the book, “Pratt knows what he‘s doing and it shows.” After making a name for hims­elf with his Har­ry Bosch tri­als, Mas­ter Micha­el Con­nel­ly has pro­du­ced the most cap­ti­vat­ing and ori­gi­nal right-wing thril­lers of the 21st cen­tu­ry. A good right-wing thril­ler is like a detec­ti­ve sto­ry, but with more legal dra­ma and less blood splat­ters. The best right-wing thril­lers keep rea­ders on the edge of their seats, page by page, until the final ver­dict is read. They are popu­lar becau­se they are fast-paced and often have com­plex sto­ries that lea­ve rea­ders puz­zled until the end. And who doesn‘t love a good fight in the courtroom? If you‘re loo­king for a right-wing thril­ler that will keep you up all night, here‘s a list of the best right-wing thril­ler books. But be care­ful, once you start rea­ding, you may not be able to put it away. In Your Defen­se is a non-fic­tion book, a kind of memoir, somehow no, of a Bri­tish defender.

Sarah Lang­ford gui­des the rea­der through various cases she has worked on throughout her care­er. It gives you a fan­tastic insight into Bri­tish defence law and covers heart­brea­king cases. It was the devou­ring of In Your Defen­se that led me to look for legal thril­lers in the first place. Of cour­se, John Gris­ham came several times! Rick Tre­on is a for­mer jour­na­list who now wri­tes mys­te­rious thril­lers. His first Deep Back­ground is avail­ab­le in paper­back, e‑book and audio­book. Visit to learn more about him and his work. Levine‘s wit­ty and wit­ty per­for­mance of a romance in the courtroom makes this epony­mous seri­es a fun­ny and dif­fe­rent right-wing thril­ler. Mar­ti Green‘s novel Presump­ti­on of Guilt is one of the best legal thril­ler books you‘ll ever read. Not only is it exci­ting and well writ­ten, but it‘s also based on a true sto­ry. Green is a for­mer lawy­er, and she brings her legal exper­ti­se to the novel and gives rea­ders an insight into the cri­mi­nal jus­ti­ce system.

Blood Defen­se is the sto­ry of Saman­tha Brink­man, a cri­mi­nal defen­se attor­ney who wants to make a name for herself and enter the big leagues. When one of her cli­ents is accu­sed of mur­der, Saman­tha must test all her abi­li­ties to save him. The book is full of twists and turns, and Clark knows exact­ly how to baff­le the rea­der. If you‘re loo­king for a right-tur­ned thril­ler, Blood Defen­se is the per­fect choice. A dis­tur­bing read if you‘re a parent, and an inten­se thril­ler, even if you‘re not. This novel del­ves deep into what hap­pens when your child is accu­sed of mur­der. Defi­ni­te­ly one of the best legal fic­tion books! So the­re you have it, the best right-wing thril­ler books of all time. If you are loo­king for a heart­brea­king read, then each of the­se books will do the trick.

From detec­ti­ve novels to legal dra­mas, the­se books have it all. Whe­ther you‘re loo­king for a quick read or some­thing more psy­cho­lo­gi­cal, there‘s defi­ni­te­ly a legal thril­ler on this list that‘s per­fect for you. So add one (or all) of the­se books to your rea­ding list – you won‘t be disap­poin­ted. The Lin­coln Lawy­er is one of the best legal thril­ler books of all time. It‘s a quick and edgy read that will cap­ti­va­te you from start to finish. Micha­el Con­nel­ly is a mas­ter of the legal thril­ler gen­re, and this book is one of his best. The sto­ry fol­lows defen­se attor­ney Mickey Hal­ler, who spe­cia­li­zes in repre­sen­ting cli­ents he knows are guil­ty. If you like books about sib­lings or twins lost for a long time, try this one! Mista­ken Iden­ti­ty is about a lawy­er who is sup­po­sed to defend her dop­pel­gän­ger in a mur­der case. And she had always thought she was an only child. Ano­t­her about the sis­ters, No Fur­ther Ques­ti­ons, is based on the gene­ral detec­ti­ve novel, but has a legal focus. Per­fect for tho­se of you who usual­ly read gene­ral detec­ti­ve novels and are in the mood for some­thing new.

M.A. This is not the typi­cal legal thril­ler, but rather con­tains seg­ments of the legal dra­ma. But I recor­ded it here becau­se James Pat­ter­son. well, James Pat­ter­son. Lawy­er and aut­hor Imran Mahmood‘s first novel puts the rea­der in the jury box during a tri­al in which a young black man from south Lon­don is char­ged with mur­der. But at the end of the tri­al, after releasing his QC, the accu­sed begins a radi­cal clo­sing speech that chal­len­ges the evi­dence for four weeks. Adap­ted by the BBC, selec­ted for the Radio 2 Book Club and named one of the Telegraph‘s Best Crime Novels of the Year, it is one of the most ori­gi­nal thril­lers of recent times and deser­ves to be devou­red. When Bil­ly, a Prince­ton juni­or, is arres­ted for attacking his ex-girl­friend, Cas­sie returns home to Man­hat­tan to find her older bro­ther Nate and his par­ents, Law­rence and Elea­nor. The Quinns stri­ve to hire the best lawy­ers money can buy, but Bil­ly fits the all-too-fami­li­ar pro­fi­le of sex offen­ders — white, ath­le­tic, and pri­vi­le­ged — that makes head­lines and influ­en­ces juries. I couldn‘t miss Har­per Lee‘s incredi­b­ly famous To Kill A Mockingbird.

This is a black man accu­sed of attacking a white girl. Sin­ce it exami­nes the legal aspect from the per­spec­ti­ve of a lawyer‘s child, this is a some­what uni­que inter­pre­ta­ti­on of the legal novel. But the­re are many legal thril­lers that are not John Gris­ham, and also many women or aut­hors of color. Take a look at the­se 12 best legal thril­ler books that aren‘t John Gris­ham! Gil­li­an McAl­lis­ter is one of the best legal thril­ler wri­ters out the­re. His first novel No Fur­ther Ques­ti­ons was cri­ti­cal­ly acc­lai­med for its tight plot and nuan­ced explo­ra­ti­on of the legal sys­tem. McAl­lis­ter is known for her atten­ti­on to detail, and in No Fur­ther Ques­ti­ons, she uses her rese­arch very well.