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You can find out more about the reser­ved legal acti­vi­ties on the web­site of the Com­mis­si­on des ser­vices juri­di­ques. Sin­ce our secre­ta­ri­al ser­vices are pure­ly admi­nis­tra­ti­ve, they do not inclu­de legal advice. Of cour­se, we will be hap­py to help you and dis­cuss your needs with you. Com­pa­nies House The uk government‘s offi­cial regis­ter for UK busi­nes­ses. We also offer a cor­po­ra­te secre­ta­ri­al ser­vice for pro­per­ty manage­ment com­pa­nies. This is a tailor-made ser­vice that we are hap­py to offer at an agreed fixed pri­ce. Unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly, Ash­tons Legal does not cur­r­ent­ly accept new cli­ents through Review­So­li­ci­tors. To help you get expert legal advice as soon as pos­si­ble, one of our employees can recom­mend ano­t­her high­ly rated law firm that accepts new cli­ents and for­wards your request to them. They will then con­ta­ct you to con­firm your appoint­ment. We will also send you an email with the details of the new company.

The­se are legal ser­vices that only regu­la­ted lawy­ers are allo­wed to pro­vi­de. That‘s becau­se they invol­ve hand­ling your money or repre­sen­ting you in court. The law firms we regu­la­te can car­ry out the­se reser­ved legal acti­vi­ties: even though the­re is no lon­ger a cor­po­ra­te obli­ga­ti­on for most com­pa­nies to have a secreta­ry, the­re are still a num­ber of admi­nis­tra­ti­ve tasks that must be per­for­med on behalf of the com­pa­ny. All com­pa­nies must have a head office. This address must be inclu­ded in all com­pa­ny cor­re­spon­dence as well as on the company‘s web­site and is acces­si­ble to the public. If you use our office as your regis­tered office address, you can keep your address pri­va­te and we will for­ward all mail we recei­ve to the loca­ti­on of your choice. Busi­nes­ses and indi­vi­du­als some­ti­mes face finan­cial dif­fi­cul­ties. When this hap­pens, expert legal advice can be cru­cial. The Legal Ombuds­man, a sepa­ra­te orga­ni­sa­ti­on from the Lawy­ers‘ Regu­la­to­ry Aut­ho­ri­ty, inves­ti­ga­tes com­p­laints about the ser­vices con­su­mers have recei­ved from their legal ser­vice pro­vi­der and works to resol­ve the situa­ti­on. Examp­les of poor ser­vice inclu­de slow action and cos­ts that are unclear or chan­ging. We regu­la­te this law firm and it must fol­low our rules.

It is per­mit­ted to pro­vi­de all legal ser­vices. We also advi­se on the for­ma­ti­on of non-pro­fit limi­ted lia­bi­li­ty com­pa­nies and non-pro­fit orga­niz­a­ti­ons (CIOs). This is a tailor-made ser­vice that we are hap­py to offer at an agreed fixed pri­ce. Nicki is a para­le­gal in the Busi­ness Law Group and works with Pol­ly Ste­phen­son and Joan­na Baker on the Dis­pu­te Reso­lu­ti­on team. Nicki works on a varie­ty of liti­ga­ti­on, from gene­ral busi­ness mat­ters to con­tro­ver­si­al wills. She began working as an office assi­stant in law in 2000 and worked to beco­me a para­le­gal with on-the-job trai­ning. Nicki is a mem­ber of Ilex. Nicki appre­cia­tes her role becau­se no two days are the same and it‘s always nice to hear how she hel­ped someo­ne resol­ve an argu­ment. The are­as of law show the type of work of this law firm.

Reser­ved Acti­vi­ties lists the spe­cial legal tasks that this law firm can per­form becau­se we regu­la­te them as a law firm. We offer you a full ser­vice to assist you in the­se admi­nis­tra­ti­ve tasks, inclu­ding: We offer a ran­ge of busi­ness admi­nis­tra­ti­on ser­vices to meet your spe­ci­fic needs. In addi­ti­on to our incor­po­ra­ti­on ser­vices, we offer a head office and a cor­po­ra­te secre­ta­ri­al ser­vice for a fixed annu­al fee. To relie­ve you of the­se tasks, Ash­tons Legal offers a com­pre­hen­si­ve ser­vice to assist you in the­se admi­nis­tra­ti­ve tasks, inclu­ding pro­vi­ding a regis­tered office address, pro­ces­sing the annu­al con­fir­ma­ti­on decla­ra­ti­on, kee­ping the per­so­nal regis­ter with signi­fi­cant con­trol, exe­cu­ting the allo­ca­ti­on and trans­fer of shares and filing various legal docu­ments. Tra­fal­gar House Meri­di­an Way, Meri­di­an Busi­ness Park, Nor­wich, Nor­folk, NR7 0TA * The abo­ve fees exclu­de all app­li­ca­ble regis­tra­ti­on fees. ** The pri­ce of this incor­po­ra­ti­on ser­vice will be hig­her if par­ti­cu­lar­ly detail­ed arti­cles of asso­cia­ti­on or more than one class of shares are requi­red. Plea­se fill out the form below to pro­vi­de more infor­ma­ti­on about Ash­tons Legal Limi­ted. Note that the infor­ma­ti­on pro­vi­ded (with the excep­ti­on of emails) may be publis­hed publicly. Do not lea­ve any infor­ma­ti­on private.

For data pro­tec­tion rea­sons, plea­se use this link to the con­ta­ct form. Hel­ping the UK tech­no­lo­gy cli­ent secu­re a $4 mil­li­on mino­ri­ty sta­ke in its busi­ness from a US-based inves­tor. The fol­lowing links may be use­ful for cor­po­ra­te reco­very and insol­ven­cy cli­ents Water­front House, Wher­ry Quay, Ips­wich, Suf­folk, IP4 1AS For a full in-depth ana­ly­sis of each of the­se direc­tors, click on one of the fol­lowing links con­tai­ning the risk score, credit limit, CCJ, mor­tga­ges and fees, calen­dar of direc­tors and secre­ta­ries, the share­hol­ders, owners­hip and struc­tu­re of the group. No more UNLI­MI­TED updates and FREE docu­ments! 69102 Lawy­ers — The com­pa­ny was inac­ti­ve during 31.03.19. The­se are the peop­le regu­la­ted by the SRA in this orga­niz­a­ti­on. If you want to start a busi­ness, we are hap­py to help you and our fixed pri­ces are as fol­lows: Thank you for your posi­ti­ve feed­back. We stri­ve to pro­vi­de our cus­to­mers with the best pos­si­ble ser­vice and are plea­sed that this ser­vice has been achie­ved. Date of next decla­ra­ti­on, Novem­ber 16, 2022, no later than Novem­ber 30, 2022.

Novem­ber 2022 Our goal is to pro­vi­de a cost-effec­ti­ve and pro­fes­sio­nal ser­vice that allows you, as CEO, to focus on deve­lo­ping and pro­mo­ting your busi­ness. We are always hap­py to con­si­der a tailor-made offer of the abo­ve points to ensu­re that all the ser­vices we offer meet your requi­re­ments and are tailo­red to your busi­ness. We set the rules for this com­pa­ny. The­re are bene­fits and pro­tec­tions for cus­to­mers of SRA-regu­la­ted busi­nes­ses. Sign up today to unlock the full accounts of this R3 The Asso­cia­ti­on of Busi­ness Reco­very Pro­fes­sio­nals com­pa­ny. Tra­de Names lists the names that this com­pa­ny now uses. The pre­vious names list the names that this com­pa­ny has used in the past. Ash­tons advi­ses Wit­ne­sham Ven­tures on capi­tal reduc­tion split A repre­sen­ta­ti­ve of Ash­tons Legal announ­ced the valua­ti­on on 30 Sep­tem­ber. June 2022 respon­ded This law firm is also known as Hes­lop and Platt See other names We need your email address to send you email notifications.

You can unsub­scri­be at any time. CUN­NING­HAM JOHN, CUN­NING­HAM JOHN & CO, KES­TER CUN­NING­HAM JOHN Plea­se note that by sub­mit­ting this form, the data you have ent­e­red abo­ve will be sent direct­ly to Nicki Fre­ar­son. Review­So­li­ci­tors is not respon­si­ble for any advice or con­ta­cts you recei­ve from the firm. For more infor­ma­ti­on, plea­se see our Terms and Con­di­ti­ons. If you have just star­ted your busi­ness or want to trans­form your busi­ness from a sole proprietor/partnership, our team can also help you with the initi­al start-up and reor­ga­niz­a­ti­on. Our secre­ta­ri­al and incor­po­ra­ti­on ser­vices also app­ly to limi­ted lia­bi­li­ty com­pa­nies (LLP). The Insol­ven­cy Ser­vice web­site deals with insol­ven­cy mat­ters in Eng­land and Wales and cer­tain limi­ted insol­ven­cy mat­ters in Scot­land. Pro­vi­des detail­ed prac­ti­cal infor­ma­ti­on Busi­nes­ses only sur­vi­ve and thri­ve when they deli­ver what their cus­to­mers and cus­to­mers want. At Ash­tons Legal, our goal is to be a law firm that you proud­ly call “your lawy­ers” and that you are hap­py to recommend.

Next accounts crea­ted by 31 March 2022 due on 31 Decem­ber 2022 The Legal Ombuds­man publis­hes his decisi­ons on com­p­laints rela­ting to ser­vices. You can search for this law firm in the Legal Ombudsman‘s data cen­ter. Just enter your email address below and we will send you an email if the com­pa­ny sub­mits any docu­ments or if the credit report chan­ges. You can choo­se which noti­fi­ca­ti­ons you recei­ve and unsub­scri­be at any time. All of our incor­po­ra­ti­on ser­vices inclu­de the crea­ti­on of a num­ber of requi­red legal records that must be kept by the com­pa­ny. The­se are the are­as of law that the law firm infor­med us that it pro­vi­ded in an annu­al report. You will recei­ve updates via email when that company‘s infor­ma­ti­on chan­ges. Ash­tons Legal Limi­ted is a com­pa­ny regis­tered with Com­pa­nies House, Depart­ment for Busi­ness, Ener­gy & Indus­tri­al Stra­te­gy, United King­dom. The busi­ness num­ber is #09464808. The busi­ness office address is Tra­fal­gar House Meri­di­an Way, Meri­di­an Busi­ness Park, Nor­wich, NR7 0TA, ENGLAND.

Nicki Fre­ar­son was so hel­pful, dedi­ca­ted to my case, she ans­we­red all my ques­ti­ons, emails that I would defi­ni­te­ly recom­mend this solic­tor com­pa­ny. We offer a ran­ge of busi­ness manage­ment ser­vices to meet your spe­ci­fic needs. Avail­ab­le until March 31, 2019. Next accounts due by 31 Decem­ber 2020 The Law Socie­ty The Law Socie­ty is the repre­sen­ta­ti­ve body for lawy­ers in Eng­land and Wales Regis­tered Office Ser­vice — £250 plus VAT per year.