Ark Broodmother Level Requirement

Aim for 20k health and at least 500 hand-to-hand fights for 10 Rexs. Do not slip, but switch to the­se amounts. Hit them in 25k health or even 30k health and rest in hand-to-hand com­bat for Beta Brood­mo­ther or Mega­pi­thi­cus. The more rexs, the bet­ter. Our first genera­ti­on Rex had its stats when they hat­ched, and we ship­ped Beta Mega­pi­thi­cus with 20,000 hor­se­power, 500 hand-to-hand com­bat and 12 Rexs (see below) without any pro­blems. Howe­ver, we wiped Gam­ma Mega­pi­thi­cus becau­se it took us too long to nail him, and he immedia­te­ly kil­led us with his spe­cial attack (even though we were behind him) and then con­ti­nued to slaugh­ter our Rexs. Essen­ti­al­ly, the only way to beat the bos­ses is to swarm them with a lot of rexs. In this way, the boss will not per­form his spe­cial attacks and pro­bab­ly will not attack at all. This gives you ple­nty of time to nib­ble on them. If they are cowards, their spe­cial attacks will devas­ta­te the Rexs and kill you immediately.

A good stra­te­gy is to have two dri­vers flank the boss to nail it first, then let the rest of the Rex swarm and sur­round it. For Brood­mo­ther, just let ano­t­her play­er do tricks around your cir­cle to kill the spi­ders, other­wi­se they will accu­mu­la­te and your health will drop quick­ly. You can still train with your tri­be in sin­gle-play­er mode first, just uncheck the solo set­tings opti­on. Use /Saveworld befo­re ent­e­ring the boss, this way you can sim­ply clo­se the game after hit­ting it, it won‘t be saved again when you lea­ve it, so you won‘t have to re-enter the codes (unless you fil­led them in a near­by box). This way, you‘ll all have an idea of what to expect. Always get off when ent­e­ring and exi­t­ing. Stay on a Rex while the boss is ali­ve to make sure you don‘t die. A Rex can “eat” the boss, so if you can‘t find the object on the corp­se, it can be found on one of the Rex. Fill the rexs with meat befo­re ent­e­ring so that you can heal in batt­le, or after suc­cess­ful and have ano­t­her fight (for­ce the meat by hol­ding R2 down or hol­ding the right trig­ger down).

You only need mini­mal equip­ment, which is good so you don‘t risk losing your good deals. Food lovers help if you have a lower level (at level 100, I just go naked). No, but appar­ent­ly, the loss of all tho­se who were tough was due to a mista­ke. The broo­ding mother didn‘t have any estab­lis­hed sta­tis­tics, it was appar­ent­ly ran­dom, so we had a god­mo­de boss lol The colors of the broo­ding mother vary depen­ding on the level of dif­fi­cul­ty, the beta being a yel­low color and the alpha being a red color Hi guys, I just wan­ted to know what sta­tis­tics to do in the rex­es? and how many of them? Should I put them neu­tral or pas­si­ve and attack my tar­get for bree­ding? or even aggres­si­ve? What wea­pons should we use? Or should we just dri­ve a Rex to do more PDD? Once we have kil­led him, do we have to go down to trans­port him safe­ly to the OB? Any advice you can all give me will be of gre­at help, thank you very much. By the way, we use Boss Rex­es that hatch at 11.8k health and 414 dmg (offi­cial ps4 pve), so it should not be dif­fi­cult to get Rex­es to a rea­son­ab­le amount of health and dama­ge. Simp­le and medi­um are not so bad, we had 20 Rex 35k hor­se­power and 500 and more hand-to-hand com­bat on all and the simp­le was not a pro­blem, the medi­um we lost as 2 and the hard we lost them all in 20 seconds. And I‘m not exa­g­ge­ra­ting. Once we ent­e­red, she was on top of us and Rex after Rex fell like flies The bree­ding mother Lys­rix is a dan­ge­rous enemy as she breeds Ara­neo like a mini­on, slows play­ers down and clim­bs with her web attack, uses an acid pro­jec­ti­le attack and can cau­se soli­di­fi­ca­ti­on damage.

Howe­ver, pro­vi­ded that the right taming and equip­ment are brought into batt­le, it can be defea­ted qui­te easi­ly. This topic is now archi­ved and clo­sed for more ans­wers. Bree­ding mother Lys­rix is one of the bos­ses of ARK: Sur­vi­val Evol­ved. This can only be achie­ved by genera­ting a por­tal to it in a sup­ply box or obe­lisk on the island and in the cen­ter. It can also be found in the wild in Valguero‘s lair. The fol­lowing mounts will help your group deal with Brood­mo­ther quick­ly: We had them at 11k health and 400% dmg for com­bat. (It was an attempt with the old Rex) The Brood­mo­ther Are­na, acces­si­ble via the island‘s obe­lisks and sup­ply boxes. This thing was actual­ly tamed when Ark came to the mar­ket. This was just a mista­ke, alt­hough (pun inten­ded) The Brood­mo­ther Are­na its­elf is loca­ted under the green obe­lisk, out­side the nor­mal play­a­ble area, but the por­tal can be ope­ned from any obe­lisk or sup­ply box.

When manu­fac­tu­red, it immedia­te­ly crea­tes a por­tal that tele­ports ever­ything in the shelf in 20 seconds. Sin­ce Brood­mo­ther is an alpha boss who sum­mons Ara­neo insec­to­ids, it‘s bet­ter to attack them as a group rather than try­ing to eli­mi­na­te them in sin­gle-play­er mode. As you com­ple­te the most dif­fi­cult dif­fi­cul­ty levels, all tek­grams with lower dif­fi­cul­ty will also be unlo­cked. Trans­la­ti­ons: ØضاÙØ ÙØ Ø ÙØ Ù Ù²Ø±ÙØ©³, Brut­mut­ter Lys­rix, Matri­ar­ca Lys­rix, Emo­luk­ki Lys­rix, ÐÑаÐ1/4аÑÐμÑÐ ̧ Lys­rix, Regi­na rag­no Lys­rix, ãã«ã1/4ããã ã1/4, ë ̧ë£ ̈ë ë§ë ë1/4ì‘ì¤ë¦ì¤, Broed­mo­e­der Lys­rix, ÐÑаÐ1/4аÑÐμÑÑ, è²æ ̄èè. Do you mean the simp­lest? I thought as a hea­vy, so simp­le and average should be made easy On Val­guero, wild spaw­ning mothers do not give the tek­grams, but dif­fe­rent plans when they are kil­led. If you can‘t bring all the­se things into batt­le, just bring what you can, becau­se they will be a gre­at bles­sing. It doesn‘t real­ly take much stra­te­gy to fight a broo­ding mother, most of the time it will be enough to whist­le all the dino­saurs to attack her. Make sure befo­re doing this, ever­yo­ne is sadd­led and aboard their dino­saurs. Suc­cess in this boss fight lar­ge­ly depends on the taming and bowel move­ments you bring. Alt­hough they are pro­bab­ly not used, fire­arms should be intro­du­ced as a last resort just to be safe.

In the Ara­neo case, it is assu­med that the broo­ding mother is the queen and mother of the island‘s spi­ders. Once you enter this short cave, sim­ply fol­low the path until you arri­ve at the ter­mi­nal. You can open its inven­to­ry and craft the Brood­mo­ther sum­mon, which requi­res the fol­lowing items: Offi­cial pro­mo­tio­nal image for the sur­vi­val of the stron­gest The Mother Brood is the inter­me­dia­te pro­duct of the Guar­di­ans on the island, which is stron­ger than the Mega­pi­the­cus but wea­ker than the Dra­gon, and alt­hough it gives you the least rewards, he is always the best, fight the broo­ding mother after the Mega­pi­the­cus and befo­re the dra­gon to help you bet­ter pre­pa­re for the dra­gon fight. The Lys­rix broo­der is a giant arach­nid with a green body, two vicious­ly lar­ge fangs that seem to drip with poi­son, with a mouth fil­led with sharp teeth behind the fangs and lar­ge spi­nes that can be seen on the abdo­men. Brood­mo­ther is one of the stron­gest glo­bal bos­ses in ARK: Fjor­dur. This giant spi­der is loca­ted in a hard-to-find secret cave, but our gui­de will give you tips on how to find and defeat Brood­mo­ther in ARK: Fjor­dur. If you play on the island in sin­gle-play­er mode, the por­tal can only be gene­ra­ted from the green obe­lisk. In gene­ral, use the fol­lowing tips to defeat Brood­mo­ther: The Brood­mo­ther Lys­rix is one of the bosses.

Do you have a good stra­te­gy on how to fight Brood­mo­ther Lys­rix? Share a tip!. The brood mother is a slow boss, so you don‘t even need to resort to such extre­me mea­su­res as guns. You can eli­mi­na­te them with your mounts, but always bewa­re of their attacks as they cau­se lar­ge amounts of tor­por. Plus, you don‘t need to go to an obe­lisk to get to a boss fight. You can sim­ply find a loot box near­by and do it the­re. Just make sure that you are all cram­med around him and that he has enough time (so like 70/100 and not 10/100). No way!!! True? Did you record it by chan­ce? Alter­na­tively, it can be found in red­woods on Val­guero. A wea­ker vari­ant of Brood­mo­ther Lys­rix spawns on the last wave of the one found in the Red­woods of Valguero.